Our company delivers products in bulk and in bags (1 ton) by grain trucks and trailers around Europe, Australia, and the USA.

We provide:

  • choice of optimal routes and traffic patterns
  • full control of cargo movement from the manufacturer’s warehouse to the customer’s warehouse
  • information about all stages of the movement of goods
  • accuracy and efficiency
  • cargo delivery on time
  • our responsibility for the safety of goods

Our delivery services will save you time searching for free transportation!

We have a pool of various grain transporters that are responsible for the safety of the cargo.

There is a convenient one-time payment, which significantly reduces your costs.


The company buys high quality raw materials: sunflower seeds, canola, wheat, corn, barley.

All products must strictly comply with the accepted standards.

Our laboratories conduct product analyses on multiple parameters to ensure the conformity of the product processing.

Our holding has its own fleet of vehicles of leading brands, which can deliver your cargo to any location in Ukraine. To order a delivery, you need to fill out a cargo application, and our logistics manager will contact you shortly.

Our zootechnician can consult on the modern methods of feeding farm animals.